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Have you come to the end of the lease for your rental property? Relocating can be a stressful period, having to organise all of your belongings.  Packing and securing them together.  Then finding the logistical means to transport them to your new home. The last thing you want to concern yourself with is then making the space as spotless as the day you first moved in. And after several months or years living there. This often proves to be an extensive clean that requires a professional touch.

Still, you are going to want to get your bond back, and in order to do that, you need to make sure the place is sparkling from top to bottom. Fortunately, that’s where our end of lease cleaning services come in. Our team of professional cleaners at Tyka Cleaning Services will work their magic and transform your rental property into an immaculate space, ready for inspection by your landlord or property manager. We know all the tricks of the trade when it comes to vacate cleaning. So you can rest assured that you will receive your bond back in full.

As soon as you book in with our professional staff for end of lease cleaning services, forget about the cleaning and let us get to work. We will be flexible and make your moving process as easy as possible, affording you more freedom to work through the rest of your obligations and relocation requirements.

For more information on our end of lease cleaning services in Australia & nation wider, please contact us at Tyka Cleaning Services today by calling 0408 995 236.

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Our End of Lease Cleaning Services to Get Your Bond Back

At Tyka Cleaning Services, we aim to offer the best end of lease cleaning services in Australia & nation wider. The cleaners are professionally trained, fully insured and have the necessary experience to make sure you are satisfied with the service we provide.

We offer a comprehensive rental bond back cleaning service that covers everything from the kitchen and bathroom to the windows and floors. We’ll even clean those hard-to-reach places that you might not be able to get to yourself. And, of course, we guarantee that our work will meet or exceed the requirements of your landlord or property manager at the end of your lease.

What to Expect with Our Professional Bond Cleaning Services for Your Rental

Within our range of end of lease cleaning services, we can offer services including:

Living Rooms or Lounge, Bedroom & Hallway

  • Remove cobwebs, Clean windows & Dust Blinds, Dust and wipe skirting boards, light fittings, clean cupboards interior and exterior.
  • Clean Switchboards as well as doors, handles, mirrors. Floors Vacuum and Mop or Carpet Steam Cleaning.

Bathrooms, Toilets &Laundry

  • Remove cobwebs, Clean Shower screen. Clean shower recess and tiles, Clean basin and windows and light fittings.  Clean Toilet bowl, and wipe over outside. Clean Laundry sink and cupboard.
  • Floors Vacuum and Mop


  • Wipe down of all glass fixtures and mirror
  • Remove cobwebs, Clean stove top and range hood, Clean Oven and Griller. Clean cupboards interior and exterior. Clean Switchboards, Dust and wipe skirting boards
  •  Wipe bench tops, Dust Blinds and Floors Vacuum and Mop.

Windows and Blinds

  • Clean windows, Dust Blinds and sills from inside.

Wall Cleaning

  • Inside the walls, Dust all the walls and remove cobwebs.
  • Wipe around switch boards and Wash if there is required.
Additional Services
  • Garage Cleaning
  • Ceilings Cleaning
  • Inside Walls Extra services
  • Outside windows Cleaning
  • Driveway wash

Once you’ve come to relocate, by opting for professional rental bond back cleaning services. You are making an investment that will reap a heap of rewards for you and your family. By working with Tyka Cleaning Services, you can:

  • We ensure you receive your full bond back under your rental agreement as you are busy with something else.
  • Maintain a high standard of cleanliness and care for your landlord or property manager. Helping you with future applications based on previous rental history
  • Introduce advanced equipment to perform cleaning processes
  • Support eco-friendly cleaning products and solutions
  • Save hours of time and hassle. Simplifying your moving out process & reducing your stress.
  • Best of all, we use our own state-of-the-art equipment and top-quality cleaning supplies to ensure the perfect end of lease cleaning results every time. In fact, we’re so sure of our cleaning abilities that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Book in Your end of lease cleaning near me or you with us, your local staff will help you

We fully understand that not everybody likes to get their hands dirty – nor has the time to. That is why Tyka Cleaning is here – to make your bond cleaning easy and hassle-free!

We also provide a range of other cleaning services that may assist you, including commercial and office cleaning, as well as residential cleaning across Australia & nation wider

To book in our end of lease cleaning services in order to get your full rental bond back, or to learn more about our offerings, please do not hesitate to contact us at Tyka Cleaning Services today. We can be reached by calling 0408 995 236, or by leaving your details on our online enquiry form, and we will get back to you with the information you require as soon as possible. Be sure to also follow us on Twitter and  Facebook to keep up to date with our latest news and projects in the industry.

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